The Pantheon of the Forgotten Realm

The Deities of Faerûn are of great importance to its people as they are often a physical presence within the world itself. Beings of immense power that control certain elements of daily life for every race, animal, and monster that inhabits the land.

The Pantheon has had a great many changes throughout existence, often through internal strife between them. Above all of them, Lord Ao watches over all the Gods. He has no interest in the beings in Faerûn, but controls where the deities themselves land within the hierarchy.

Lord Ao (AY-oh) is the Overgod of the world. As Overgod, all deities and primordials of Toril, even those who also operated in other spheres and planes such as Lolth, are subject to him. Ao did not want to be known, what goes on in the world and what the other deities did are of no concern to Ao, as long as the deities upheld their individual portfolios and did not completely ignore their worshipers.

The Gods of the world fall into three classes. Greater, Intermediate, and Lesser. Their rank is often a result of both Ao’s ranking of them himself and how many worshipers a deity has. Worshipers are a source of power for a deity as a deity is a source of power for their worshipers. Divine magic, blessings, and power comes from a deity and to those that worship them. This is why a Cleric or a Paladin is able to do what they do, and will select one Deity as their primary source of worship. While all my praise or curse multiple Gods through their day to day life, in general, only one is their primary source of reverence.

Note: A breakdown of the deities alignments, domains, and sphere of influences go HERE

The Human Pantheon

The Human Pantheon is only called such as many of the deities listed here came with the human race as their primary source of worship. However, as the human race dominated the world of Faerûn, many members of other races began to live in their cities and worship their Gods. This gives this Pantheon the most power over all others.

The Greater Deities of the Human Pantheon
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The Intermediate Deities of the Human Pantheon
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The Lesser Deities of the Human Pantheon
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The Pantheon of the Forgotten Realm

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