Amaunator/Lathander, God of the Yellow Sun

Amaunator (pronounced ah-MAWN-ah-tor) is the solar deity of order, the sun, law and time. He is viewed as a harsh but fair deity, revered by many rulers, soldiers and powerful wizards.

It was eventually revealed, following the Spellplague that Lathander, the Faerûnian god of the sun, is an aspect of the long-dormant Amaunator. By the Year of the Ageless One, Amaunator is worshiped both as Lathander and by his own name.

As Lathander, he was worshiped in earlier days as a deity of creativity, dawn, renewal, birth, athletics, spring, self-perfection, vitality and youth. He favored those who dispelled the undead and blessed those who planted new life. Lathander was also the god called upon to bless birth and fertility related ceremonies.

Some Recent History

In the years before the cataclysmic Spellplague, high-ranked clerics and paladins of Lathander began to receive messages regarding a mysterious event called the “Deliverance”, leading them to begin an aggressive recruitment campaign

Lathander revealed himself to be Amaunator in the Year of Blue Fire, just after the Spellplague


As Lathander, his clergy respected art, liberty, nature and culture, promoted betterment of oneself and strived to bring hope to their followers and others. Many of these followers worked in various creative arts. They were intolerant of evil, especially undead and inaction that caused evil to prosper.

As Amaunator, his sense of justice is much more black and white. An extremely lawful deity, he follows the letter of the law, not necessarily the spirit of it—unless the spirit is a great deal more to his liking. He expects the same of his followers.

Due to this all clergy members had to learn, understand, and know how to reap the benefits from (exploit) the laws of the land, the city, and the province they lived in. In order to completely understand the nuances of law and legislature, the clergy constantly drilled each other, practiced law in court whenever possible, and rehearsed law in practice courtrooms. They could not resist investigating the scene of a crime or taking part in the construction of new laws in their locale, and did so with great intensity and fervor.

Amaunator’s worshipers serve often in court as judges or lawyers, to present cases, and to hear legal arguments and disputes. They are paid well to settle merchant disputes over contracts, agreements, and trade practices and make a comfortable living for themselves and their church as arbitrators of all sorts of commercial and personal claims not worthy of the attention of figures of power in ultimate authority.

Amaunator/Lathander, God of the Yellow Sun

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