The Crimson Covenant

Session 5: Today is a Day For Smashing

Day 7 – These Redbrand Assholes Will Pay!

Session 4: Mercenaries Are Assholes!

Day 5 – Continued: Time to Sleep… After We Deal With This Little All Out Assault.

Session 3: Goblinoid Boogaloo

Day 4 – Continued : We Made a Deal With a Goblin! How Can This Possibly Go Wrong?

Session 2: The Pilots Over, Time for a Cast Change!

Day 3: A New Member Joins Your Party!
-Cursed Farmland

A Human War Cleric of the fairly unknown deity of gives no fucks, Sithrak, had been in the town of Phandalin waiting on his friend Gundren Rockseeker, who as we all know has gone missing. His concern for his friend being late led him to investigate.

His first stop led him to the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange where he seeked out a fellow healer in a human named, Kanario, who had stationed himself there in a back office. The large building was populated with many waiting to get mining passes or trade goods found in said mines. Those that traded often left looking a tad disappointed in the return, but no one spoke up, outside of the large and powerful looking woman that stood in the center of them all shouting orders at miners, farmers, and exchange workers alike.

The Cleric of Sithrak decided to test his luck in the line rather than approach the yelling woman, possibly believing his message of an uncaring deity that freed all to lead a life without burden would possibly get him an uncaring yelling at. He was pointed in the direction of the back office and went on his way. Speaking to Kanario proved to be a bit rewarding, while the healer didn’t know anything about Gundren, he had been working on a mysterious injury that has befallen a local farmer that was brought in by his brother, Campra Alderbrack. The man was found at Aryona Farms where other disappearances may be linked. He has tasked the cleric with investigating the area to find out what may have happened.

The injuries themselves included swollen and bloodied legs and feet that looked weared down to the very bone as if forced to march or move far longer than the body should have withstood. No healing spell looked to be reversing the damage and the healer believes it may have to do with whatever was met at the farm. He mentioned that the injured man saw a field full of lush grass and crops when he came upon the farm, but the brother that brought him back saw nothing but a land in decay.

The Inevitable Meeting of “Minds”

The Cleric of Sithrak had heard of some new people in town that arrived a day after Gundren was supposed to arrive and decided to head to the Stonehill Inn. Being the early morning, only a few were in attendance and he decided to take a seat.

While ordering breakfast, a particularly talkative and gossipy barmaid named Elsa recognized him as a traveler and mentioned that Daran Edermath, the orchard keeper, was once a great adventurer and a paladin for the Order of the Gauntlet. It was at this time that the first of the party entered the common room, well… more stumbled into the common room. The Gnome Rogue had a hard night and his feet didn’t seem to cooperate as he ran directly into a support beam. Having decided that his fate was to stay attached to the wooden structure for the time being, he ordered a drink.

Fairly shortly after his appearance, the rest of the party made their way out and the Cleric of Sithrak joined them and kindly ordered them breakfast. It was here that he learned this group had also been waiting on Gundren (what a coincidence!) and found the Dwarf’s dead horse about a day’s ride back on the Triboar Trail towards Neverwinter.

-Hey… We’re Missing Someone

One thing struck the party as they ate and woke up, one of their people was missing! The noble warrior hadn’t turned up and they decided it best to find out why. They approached the innkeeper’s wife, a middle-aged human woman named Trilena, and upon questioning her, learned that the man had woken up early and checked out. Apparently between the goblins and the Redbrands, he had his taste of adventuring and would be returning home to try and work things out with his family.

Trilena spurred on by some mention of the Redbrands by the party, also informed them that recently the local woodcarver, Thel Dendrar, stood up to the Redbrands when they came by his shop and leered at his wife. The ruffians murdered him. Several townsfolk saw it happen. The Redbrands grabbed his body, and now his wife, daughter have gone missing too. The party made the connection that the two women must be the lasses that would be sold into slavery that the gnome had heard about.

-One Noble Gone, Another One to Save. Damn Nobles

Having quite a few choices on what to do, the party decided to check on the noble from Neverwinter that was running for Townmaster. Having heard that the Redbrands planned to kill him at his current location at the Edermath Orchard, and now learning that this group wasn’t afraid to do so in the middle of everyone, they rushed off to make sure he was protected.
Edermath’s Orchard was near the North-Western side of town down a sloping hill path and surrounded by trees in the rear up against a mountain’s edge. In many ways, it was quite the strategic location that sat well for any defending party. Coming up to the farm they met the aging Daran Edermath, who was sitting on the front porch of the main house, sharpening a sword. He didn’t seem all too concerned when they mentioned the Redbrand attack, but thanked them for the warning none the less.

He pointed them in the direction of his guest home where Dathlin Amper and his “puppy” were staying. Before they left, he asked them to return when they got a chance as he has a job for them. The party went off to the guest house, where their knock was met by a large ugly man with short hair, mutton chops, and a scarred face that only a mother would disown for poisoning the bloodline.

A few grunts later, the “puppy” Larbo Hathacker called back into the house to let the noble, Dathlin Amper, know that the Redbrands were coming to kill him. The noble seemed the most concerned of those residing at the orchard, but mentioned he was working on his campaign for Townmaster and went into his back office.
Larbo was quite critical of the gathered adventurers, telling them that they looked a bit too green to try and handle a group of organized thugs right now. He suggested that if they had any other jobs to do, they should probably attend to those matters first. They told him about the goblins on the Triboar trail, and that was enough to get the man to give them a job to help get them a bit more ready for the war they were desperate to start.

The big man let them know that he worked for the Chimera Group, under the VanZant Collective out of Leilon. The large mining operation out of there had ran into many troubles, and his group couldn’t sacrifice any men to deal with an issue on the road to the city.

The small village of Hambrooke, that sat between Phandalin and Leilon had been abandoned during an orc raid about a year past. Many moved into Leilon while a few went into Phandalin, since then the road to Leilon has been a danger, especially for any who go near the old town. There are claims of monsters that spring from the bushes and devour travelers. He mentioned that the attacks seemed the doing of what he called “Corpse Eaters”

Feeling that the men at the Orchard were well prepared for an attack, the party moved on to go and take care of their first of many possible leads.

Day 4: Let’s Find Us Some Goblins (Another Member Joins Your Party!)

Heading back along the Triboar Trail, the Paladin of Bahamut was able to retrace their steps to the goblin trail they had left behind on day 1. Following it through, they came by two traps before finding a cave entrance that they soon found out belonged to a group of organized goblins.

After quite a bit of fighting and lighting fire to the bushes outside the entrance, they caught the attention of a celestial blooded Warlock who had been exploring the Neverwinter Wood. The beautiful woman approached the party and after hearing about some of the troubles they were facing decided that roasting some goblins was right in her wheelhouse.

The exploration of the cavern had its stumbles and near death moments, but coming across a room full of goblins and one of its leaders named Yeemik, they made a deal. If they kill the head of this cell of the tribe and install Yeemik as its new leader, he’d let his prisoners go. While they could only see the human warrior that was accompanying the dwarf, the goblin stated he had Gundren as well and would give them both back if they did the job. Seeing no other real choice as Yeemik had the prisoners and was far enough away to likely get his kills before they could stop him, the party agreed and went on their way.

TL;DR – More shit happened!

-Two new members joined the group, while one left. The Noble Fighter is out, in to replace him is a War Cleric and an Infernal bound Warlock.

-The abandoned Aryona farms has taken a victim in a local townsmember, that while alive, is left in a condition that the town healer can’t treat. He has tasked the party to find the nature of what caused it, so he can treat the man.

- The two woman taken by the Redbrands to sale into slavery turned out to be the wife and daughter of the local wood carver who was killed in the streets by the thugs.

- While the men on the Orchard felt quite secure in their position and safe from what attack may come. The ugly dog of a man that protects the noble has tasked the party to take care of the corpse eaters in the abandoned town of Hambrooke that is attacking travelers and traders on the Triboar Trail heading towards the Southern city of Leilon.

-The Goblin Hideout is nearly cleared, but a goblin leader known as Yeemik has the human warrior and Gundren as prisoners and has threatened to kill them if the party didn’t help install him as the new leader of the tribe.

Session 1: Hey Look! An Escort Mission!

Day 1: The Introduction

In the city of Neverwinter, a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker asked a group of adventurers to bring a wagon load of provisions to the rough-and-tumble settlement of Phandalin, a couple of days’ travel southeast of the city. Gundren was clearly excited and more than a little secretive about his reasons for the trip, saying only that he and his brothers had found “something big,” and that he’d pay them ten gold pieces each for escorting his supplies safely to Barthen’s Provisions, a trading post in Phandalin. He then set out ahead of them on horse, along with a warrior escort named Sildar Hallwinter, claiming he needed to arrive early to "take care of business.”


The party, consisting of a mouthy gnome rogue, a dwarven cleric, a human fighter of noble blood, a human paladin of the dragon god Bahamut, and a tiefling druid from Neverwinter Wood had waited for the cart outside Neverwinter where they were introduced to their driver. The driver was a simple older human male, that was at first tentative of the tiefling in his presence, but after some fast talk by the gnome, he was convinced that the tiefling was part of an entertainment troupe wearing very good props and make-up. Later that tentativeness was pointed to the human noble who refused to walk along the cart and prefered to ride, after much name calling and arguing, the noble took his place in the walking order and they set out!

The Triboar Trail

The party set out on the trail, an area well known to be a bit dangerous especially with a recent rise in bandit and goblin activity. Within a half day ride they came across a bit of a set-back when they found two horses dead in the center of the path. Being surrounded by forest and bushes, they pressed forward a bit wary. It was at this point that a goblin ambush party attacked, getting the jump on them.

The goblins targeted the dwarf cleric and the human paladin, while a ferocious goblin was able to get a few good hits on the dwarf, nearly killing her, all attacks against the paladin failed horribly. He was a wall of fuck you and was able to take the head of the goblin that harassed the parties healer while the wily gnome rogue took two more, one with a rapier to the heart and another with a crossbow bolt to the eye.

The last of the goblins was able to escape when his comrades fell, leaving the party to investigate the ambush scene. They found out that the two horses belonged to Gundren Rockseeker and his warrior companion, Sildar Hallwinter who belonged to the Lords’ Alliance. All the saddlebags had been looted and an empty map case was found nearby. They also discovered a trail the goblins had left leading deeper into the forest. Deciding they still had a job to do and a citizen to protect, they noted the area and continued on the trail towards Phandalin.


Day 2: Phandalin

The ride to Phandalin took them an extra day, but eventually the rutted track emerged from a wooded hillside, and they caught their first glimpse of Phandalin. The town consisted of forty or fifty simple log buildings, some built on old fieldstone foundations. However, before they could enter the town they were met by a party of three thugs in grimy scarlet cloaks that demanded a fee for entree into “their city.” Again, the gnome stepped forward and after a bought of fast talk and questioning was able to convince them to take entertainment instead. With an impressive show of juggling skills, the thugs allowed the party to pass, demanding they go about their business and head out of town ASAP.

The party took their words into consideration, but decided they would instead investigate. Stopping first at Barthen’s Provisions to drop off the goods and collect their pay. There they met Elmar Barthen, an older male human that owned the large trading outpost with his two younger sons. Elmar was quite concerned in the fact that Gundren hadn’t made it to town yet, and asked the party to find him as he had made a discovery that could save the town. The party learned that the excitement from Gundren and the reason he had a party of skilled adventurers escort the wagon was because the dwarf believed he had found the great lost mines of Phandelver.

The lost mines were once the richest resource in the sword coast, full of magical properties, gold, and gems. Rumor has it that a well of magical energy had been contained there and was used to enchant weapons and armor for the armies that once ruled the area. After asking after the map, the tiefling druid stated it was empty, thus losing the only connection they and the town had to these lost mines.

They also asked after the thugs in the city and told they go by the Redbrands. The Redbrands had appeared in town a few months back, quickly establishing themselves through extortion, threats, and murder. At this time, the town is run by them and there isn’t very much anyone can do. Barthen also mentioned that a noble from Waterdeep had shown up in town with an escort from a mercenary group, offering his assistance and calling for an emergency election for townmaster, as the current townmaster is doing nothing to stop the Redbrands. Barthen also mentioned that the thugs often hang out at a run down tap house called The Sleeping Giant.

The Sleeping Giant
The daring party decided after a bit of talk and mainly at the gnome’s insistence to go pay the Redbrand’s a visit. They stepped up to the rundown ale house and were met by a group of four members of the thugs that were immediately aggressive and unpleasant. The gnome tried his fast talk skills instead, but some of his well chosen words confused the thugs, making them respond by drawing their swords and deciding the little guy would best be used as paint for their beat up establishment.

At this point the Tiefling stepped forward, picking up the gnome and muffling his mouth that was ready to spurt out threats and insults of his own, and apologized for the party. With some charisma and educated words, she calmed down the thugs who allowed them to leave.

However, our daring gnome had made up his mind and after “tickling” the tieflings nether-regions from underneath her robes, he was free to do as he pleased. Which was to join the redbrands in their establishment, and after the molestation they were more than happy to have him.

With the gnome in the lion’s den, the party decided to head off to the local inn.
The Stonehill Inn*

In the center of town stands a large, newly built roadhouse of fieldstone and rough-hewn timbers. The common room is filled with locals nursing mugs of ale or cider, all of them eyed the diverse group with curiosity, but none stepped forward to threaten or welcome them outside the young human male that owned the establishment, named Toblen Stonehill.

The entire party, with urging from the noble decided to partake in the inn’s strongest drink, a potent little concoction called “Fire Brandy.” In one drink, the noble fighter and the tiefling druid hit the ground, but the human paladin and dwarven cleric stayed upright and moved on to less harsh drink after the dwarf moved the two unconscious party members to the rooms they had to pay for in advance.

The paladin caught the inn keeps attention, and pleaded with the holy man’s better sensibilities by telling him that many in the town may have jobs for him and are more than willing to pay. He also mentioned the noble from Waterdeep running for townmaster and mentioned he was staying at Edermath Orchard.

The Gnome Returns!

A bit later into the night, the gnome returned, his clothes were a mess and he was covered in wounds and bruises. It seems the Redbrands treated their entertainment a bit roughly, however in his time there, he eventually caught their attention and was paid for his time. On top of that, he overheard quite a bit of interesting news that he freely shared with the others.

-The leader is someone they call Glasstaff and is a wizard with a staff of glass. They don’t know much about him, other than he is a good leader and was able to bring them into power over the city.

-A mysterious figure called the Black Spider has hired the Redbrands to frighten off any adventurers and intimidate the locals, they don’t know why but have gladly taken the job.

-They are looking to attack Edermath Orchard and get rid of that pesky noble running his mouth and trying to get the title of townmaster.

-He also heard rumblings about some “pretty lasses” they recently caught and have held that they plan to sale to the orcs in the mountains.

After sharing his discoveries, the rest of the party decided to retire for the night and pick up in the morning with what they so far have discovered.

TL;DR – Shit happened:

the dwarf that all members know and gave them the job to begin with is missing, but a trail leads into the forest and may be where they took.

The city is being terrorized by a group of thugs known as the Redbrands that have gone unchecked due to lack of forces in the town able to do so.

A wealthy man from Waterdeep is in town and staying at Edermath Orchard. He has decided to bad mouth the Redbrands and the current Townmaster, pushing for an emergency election. Word is, the Redbrands plan to attack and kill him.

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